Bills vs Jets 2019 Live

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Bills vs Jets 2019 Live Stream : The 2019 NFL season gets started on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills, who take on their AFC East rival, the New York Jets, on the road on Sunday. Greg Cosell from NFL Films joined John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills on Friday to look more into the matchup for the Bills vs Jets, here are some of Cosell’s observations for Week One for Buffalo. The team will be starting off their season down in New Jersey taking on their division rival in the New York Jets. To preview this match-up we talked to MacGregor Wells from Gang Green Nation for an inside look on the Jets.

This kind of question is tricky. We have no access to the locker room and limited resources to get to what is going through players’ minds. All we can go on are the reports of beat reporters as to their impressions. So far the impressions seem to be mostly positive. The players seem all-in with Adam Gase on offense and Gregg Williams on defense. There has been a lot of talk about how energized the players are and how the team just has a different vibe to it this year. Of course, those are the kinds of things we typically hear with a new regime. The real test will be when the team hits some prolonged adversity once the games start. Until then it’s just talk. But for now the talk certainly seems positive.

As for the fans, I think when Gase was hired there were a lot of questions. This was a coach with a losing record who had just been given the boot in Miami. He left Miami with some questions as to how he related to players, having had trouble co-existing with some of the bigger names there. He was hired by the Jets largely because he was viewed as a quarterback guru, but that reputation rested largely on the back of a stint with all-time great quarterback Peyton Manning in Denver, a quarterback it was difficult not to have success with.

Gase’s time with Ryan Tannehill in Miami was much more of a mixed bag, and it isn’t clear Gase did much to raise Tannehill’s game. Add to this the unusual look (crazy eyes) Gase presented at his initial Jets press conference and some fans were wondering if the Jets had again hired the wrong guy. While that question will remain open until we see the results on the field, I think Gase has gradually grown on the Jets fanbase. Training camp and the pre-season have unfolded with little drama and seemingly substantial improvement in the Jets offense. Sam Darnold appears to be progressing nicely under Gase’s tutelage. There has been little in the way of drama and off field distractions this year.

Players appear to be buying in. For now things appear to be pointing up. However, the Gase hire was always first and foremost about developing Sam Darnold into a top quarterback. Gase will accordingly be judged largely on how Darnold progresses. If Darnold develops into the top quarterback the Jets thought they were getting when they made him the #3 overall pick in the 2018 draft, Jets fans will love Adam Gase. And if Darnold falls short of expectations in the next few years the fans will blame Adam Gase. Whether or not that is fair, it is the reality. As goes Sam Darnold, so goes Adam Gase.Good question. Expectations for Sam Darnold in year two have been rising exponentially. Many Jets fans talk as if he is already a sure thing as a so-called franchise quarterback. This is a bit odd, as Darnold was one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL in his rookie season, albeit with some promising traits and a nice run in the last four games of the season. Many Jets fans, as fans everywhere are often wont to do, have seized upon those last four games of 2018, when Darnold was one of the top-rated quarterbacks in the NFL, and projected that into the future. That’s probably not reasonable, nor particularly fair to Darnold, who is obviously still very young and inexperienced.

Some Jets fans are already talking about Darnold as a top-10 NFL quarterback in 2019. While that is possible, it is probably not reasonable. Patrick Mahomes notwithstanding, young inexperienced quarterbacks tend to have some growing pains. Darnold also does not necessarily have the kind of weapons on offense nor on the offensive line which would facilitate the kind of great leap forward many are projecting. Certainly the Jets offense is substantially upgraded with Le’Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder and Ty Montgomery upgrading the skill positions and Ryan Kalil and Kelechi Osemele upgrading the line, but this is still not an upper echelon group as a whole on offense. I think Darnold ending up in the top half of NFL quarterbacks in 2019 would show good progress and give reason for optimism he can develop into a top quarterback. If Darnold were to end up a top-10 quarterback in 2019, it would certainly be a welcome development for Jets fans starved for decent play at the most important position on the field, but it probably isn’t reasonable to expect that quite yet.

With any player away from the game as long as Bell has been away there are always concerns about how he will look until we actually see him on the field again. Bell did not appear in any preseason action, so right now we just don’t know how he’ll respond. However, unlike many players returning after a long absence, Bell is not recovering from an injury. He is still in his prime years, and he looks like he is in great shape. He may well be a bit rusty on Sunday, but I don’t think it will be long before we are seeing the same guy who set the NFL record for yards from scrimmage per game over his first five years in the league.

It’s difficult to say any one game sets the tempo for the season. In the NFL you see teams get blown out by teams they’re “supposed” to beat one week and then turn around and beat a top team the next week. In addition, the first week of the season is notoriously quirky, as the lack of playing time for the starters in recent preseasons has resulted in more and more unpredictable results early in the season.

Jets fans have only to recall last year’s blowout win over the Detroit Lions in the season opener, followed by a 3-12 record the rest of the way, to realize how the first week’s results can be fool’s gold. However, the Jets face a daunting schedule in the early going this year, with games against Buffalo, Cleveland, New England, Philadelphia, Dallas and New England again to start the season. That is a daunting six-game stretch and could prove disastrous for any playoff hopes the Jets may harbor, so a win at home in week one against the Bills is being viewed by Jets fans, rightly or wrongly, as crucial.